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Our mission is your beautiful smile.

PROCEDURES Otsuka Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery has more than 200 expertly-trained staff to help reveal your inner beauty.

Otsuka Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery offers a range of procedures to address your specific concerns & goals. Our clinics are staffed with over 200 personnel expertly trained in cosmetic & plastic surgery to assist in unveiling your inner beauty. We provide a relaxed environment where you can undergo counseling & procedures in comfort at a location convenient to you.

Reasons Why Patients Continually Choose Otsuka Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery

1. Best results from minimally invasive procedures

Our motto

Our underlying motto at Otsuka Academy is to achieve "Best results from minimally invasive procedures".
Ever since our founding, we have helped our patients to achieve their ideal beauty while constantly considering ways to minimize their burden & risks.
Consequently, many of our patients have expressed their appreciation & amazement at the results of their treatment.

Emotional support

We live in an age where it is said that beauty can be bought. At Otsuka Academy, however, we consider that truly beautiful people have a full range of admirable traits including persistence and a positive mental attitude.
As such, we take pride not only in delivering maximum benefits from minimally-invasive procedures but also providing the care & support to help our patients achieve inner as well as outer beauty.

Comment from our surgeons

The intuition & skill of our surgeons are paramount to achieving "Best results from minimally invasive procedures". That's why we hold seminars for all of our physicians several times a year to assess the positive & negative aspects while referencing our accumulated experience.
While the extent of a procedure differs according to the individual patent's wishes, our expertise & experience in a wide range of operative techniques allows us to provide the advice best suited to each patient.

1. Best results from minimally invasive procedures

2. 35 years of experience

Since our founding we have treated several hundred thousand patients.

We therefore understand that accumulated experience & expertise coupled with open communication with patients are essential to improving our cosmetic surgery techniques.
Former Director Hidetada Ishii founded Otsuka Academy in 1976 and we have since performed procedures on several hundred thousand patients.
This wealth of experience is certainly reflected in our cosmetic surgery techniques.
While the number of patients treated at our clinics is in itself considerable, we value our time with each individual patient above all else.

Operative procedures

Otsuka Academy's operative methods & procedures are somewhat standardized and are not exclusive to our clinics.
The anatomical features of each patient, however, are by no means uniform. Physical attributes such as skin thickness & fat content, muscle position, and cartilage density all differ between patients. These discrepancies must be carefully addressed before undertaking actual procedures.
We have treated a diverse range of patients since our founding, which has in turn enabled us to accumulate extensive operative knowledge & experience. We regard this knowledge & experience as a valuable asset that we will continue to cherish in the future.

2. 35 years of experience

3. Treatment from the patient's perspective

Free counseling

At Otsuka Academy, we don't believe that cosmetic surgery is right for everyone.
We want all of our patients to properly understand what cosmetic surgery entails before making a decision. That's why we take the time to carefully listen to and discuss patients concerns through free counseling.
We even suggest suitable alternatives to cosmetic surgery.
In short, the total satisfaction of our patients is what drives us.

Treatment satisfaction

Once a patient decides to proceed with cosmetic surgery, we ask them to tell us more so that we can share their goals.
Our entire staff then make a concerted effort towards these goals in order to ensure that the patient is completely satisfied with their treatment.

Comprehensive follow-up care

Otsuka Academy provides total follow-up care to address patient concerns following a procedure via email consultation and a post-operative 24-hour emergency telephone service.
We respond to any & all concerns and queries by adopting the patient's point of view.

3. Treatment from the patient's perspective

4. Skilled physicians

Our team of physicians all possess a high degree of technical skill.

Our cosmetic surgeons are entrusted with the significant responsibility of helping patients to achieve both beauty and satisfaction.
Only those physicians who fulfill our rigorous technical standards are permitted to undertake surgical procedures. In addition, our physicians all share their respective expertise to further their development.

Rotation of physicians

Otsuka Academy has 15 locations nationwide but none of our physicians are permanently posted at a single clinic.
While fixed residency may appear at first glance to be a practical & viable approach, we prefer to have each of our physicians regularly attend our Otsuka Main Clinic.
Cosmetic surgery is constantly adopting new techniques so in order to train in their use, we encourage our physicians to hold lengthy discussions with numerous colleagues and to observe other physicians' procedures to improve their own skills.
Needless to say, performing a procedure while being observed by other physicians is more challenging than doing it alone.
However, we believe that it is precisely this challenge that gives rise to highly-skilled physicians.

4. Skilled physicians

5. Constant pursuit of cutting-edge technologies

Outstanding reputation in Japan & overseas

Otsuka Academy constantly researches the latest medical technology to reduce the burden & risks to our patients.
This research & technical competency has earned us a formidable reputation from various societies around the world including the Japan Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (JSAPS) and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS).

Unique technical expertise

The needles used in our double eyelid procedures, for instance, were developed by Otsuka Academy after considerable research & testing.
Similarly, the sutures we use in some of our procedures are the same safe, high-quality sutures used in cardiovascular and other operations so there is little or no post-procedure discomfort.
Leveraging the technical skill that makes us a continual leader in the cosmetic surgery industry, we proactively adopt the latest effective treatments while avoiding new therapies with dubious efficacy. In essence, we constantly aim to provide medical treatments that our patients can understand and be satisfied with.

5. Constant pursuit of cutting-edge technologie

Overview of Otsuka Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery


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Counseling is free of charge so please feel free to contact us.

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